AGC - Condensation


2'51" / Corporate movie / january 2013

I have worked on this film with the talent of 2 friends; David Nataf and Benoît Gréant. I was on the 3D, Ben on the motion design and David for the final touch!

- Click here to view the Corporate film, AGC - Condensation -

Youth on the Move


2'51" / Educational movie / march 2012

DG Employement is a small movie about first employement in europe. It was really fun to find the overall look of the film. Especially for the backgrounds. Thanx to Pieter for his great support on the animation.

- Click here to view the Educational film, Youth on the Move -

La Première / Où va-t-on vous emmener aujourd'hui


2 x 25" / TV Spots / sept 2012

An advertising done with David Nataf on an idea of Tramway21.

- Click here to view the TV Spot, La Première -

Les Niouzz / Suffisait de Demander


76 x 1'20" / TV serie / sept 2010 - june 2012

A project I've been working on for the past 2 years with Benoît Gréant and Léopold Joris.
Lots of freedom and a interesting work with Ben on mixing our character design.

- Click here to view the episode 15 of the saison 2, "Pas envie de me coucher tôt" -

Dr. Lebeau & Family


2 x 30" / TV spots / april 2011

This time, it's back to the root.

The demand in the past years was more about 3D projects that are often cheaper to produce.
In fact, I've done so many 3D projects that I thought that no one will ask me to do 2D films again.
There was some long nights but the crew was really great!

- Click here to view the TV spot "Dr Lebeau" -

- Click here to view the TV spot "Family" -

ArchiViz Demo


52" / Archiviz / march 2009

After an advertisement we did last year with 3D realistics grapes, a friend and I wanted to try new rendering technics. We choose to do an architectur visualisation demo.
The idea was also to show sometime more cool that a simple camera room flyby...

- Click here to view the archviz demo -



35 x 59" / TV Serie / sept 2008

As technical director, the challenge was to make 24 min of looking like traditional 2D animation in 2 mounth and a half and a really small team.
The director Philippe Carron, wanted to try motion capture, the only option to make this possible. And... It was a succes!

The result was better than we expected!
Thanx to Hero (aka Olivier Dressen) for his works on the crazy background.

- Click here to view a teaser -



Nintendo DS / videogame / april 2008

Some time ago, a friend ask me to do a caracter design for a videogame on Nintendo DS. I was thrilled! For me, it was like a child dream becoming true.

And It was a great feeling to see my work showed everywhere; videogames websites, TV, supermarkets...

- Click here to view the videogame jacket -

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